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Welcome! I'm Smita, The Ayurvedic Chef

Driven by Devotion. Each dish is designed so that deliciousness, elegance, and well-being takes hold of every corner of your life. Eat the way nature intended. All health — let’s repeat this — ALL good health starts with digestion; with the proper metabolism of food. Accordingly, one of the most important things we can do for our health every day of the year is to eat wisely. Food is considered just as powerful as medicine. Therefore our food is healthy, nutritious, and clean and contributes to the strength and equilibrium of the mind.


My mission is to inspire you through my workshops and individual consultations, with effective and long-term solutions to your health concerns. We hope to make a difference by educating, inspiring, and empowering you to heal in a way that promotes happiness, connectedness and heightened spiritual awareness.

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My Services

Initial Ayurvedic Dosha/Lifestyle Consultation


This is the place to start if you are new to Ayurveda and have never had a consultation before. The first step to balancing out the body through food by understanding your dosha.  In this consultation, we’ll discuss your health history and some ways to reset your digestion and in turn enable you to become more in tune with your inner patterns and predispositions to help you balance your lifestyle using simple Ayurveda practices and foods for balancing your dosha.

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Follow-up Dosha/Lifestyle Consultation


For existing clients only. After our initial consultation I’ll create a personalized plan that is catered to your needs based on Ayurvedic methods.

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Ayurvedic Cooking for Your Dosha


Empower yourself in your kitchen! Learn how to confidently choose ingredients, find fun and purpose in cooking, and prepare dishes for your doshas. Each workshop will combine discussion, participatory cooking demonstrations, and ends with a delicious meal!

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Shopping Trip with Smita


Even though you have a food plan, and know the best foods to eat for your dosha, are you still overwhelmed by all the choices in stores?

  • Do you know and understand Ayurvedic cooking ingredients, what they are for, how they taste and how to use them?
  • Are you trying to follow recipes and you have no idea what some of the ingredients are and where to find them?
  • Do you get confused reading food labels and figuring out what to avoid?

Smita will answer all these questions and more at an in-person shopping trip accompanying you to a select Farmers market.

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